Participate in Research

If you are interested in participating in future research, please submit the form below.

Research may involve visiting the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, doing a task on the internet remotely, or a researcher traveling to your location. Possible activities include trying out new tactile technologies, exploring objects with your hands and answering questions about the objects, reading braille or printed text, and answering questions about school or professional activities.

Some studies take less than an hour, and some take several hours. Participants are typically paid for their participation. By entering your email below, you will be notified of future studies that you may choose to participate in.

Volunteer as a Research Assistant

Students interested in gaining experience in a research setting may volunteer to work as a research assistant with Dr. Val Morash at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute on research related to visual impairment, accessibility, education for students with visual impairments, and haptic (touch) perception. The research assistant may choose to work on active projects according to his/her interest, and would be expected to contribute about 10 hours per week for at least three months. Experience gained will be especially relevant to those majoring in psychology, education, computer science, engineering, statistics, or a related field, who have an interest in pursuing a research career.

The goal of volunteer positions is to provide the research assistant with hands-on experience commensurate with his/her current skills, and training to further his/her research abilities. Typical activities that a research assistant may participate or be trained in include:

  • literature reviews,
  • experimental design,
  • preparing stimuli and project materials,
  • running human subjects,
  • collecting and managing data,
  • programming in Matlab and R,
  • statistical analysis of results,
  • oral presentation and report writing, and
  • research ethics.
Research assistants are also expected to attend research meetings, where they can partake in discussions about the conceptual and methodological issues related to perceptual psychology, education, statistics, and accessibility research.

The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute is located in San Francisco at 2318 Fillmore St., and is reachable by public transportation. Individuals interested in a research assistant position should contact Dr. Val Morash at to inquire about current openings.